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Having been involved in software outsourcing development for about 1.5 years and completed numerous software development projects covering diverse industries, ITIS has accumulated extensive development experience in almost all popular technologies, which underlies today's preponderant business applications' development.

Teamed with our main partner, Dexik, Inc. – ITIS is working on several main projects:

  • Task Agency – DTPS (Distributed Task Processing System): the universal processing framework that allows you to use all of the “computer idle time” for your everyday processing tasks. “Spawned” over your network, it brings you complete control over your computing resources from server to workstation. Please visit our partner web-page for more details: DTPS page on Dexik.
  • DexFLOW - Dexik Workflow Solution: new and flexible Workflow Solution built on our DTPS. Small, medium or enterprise size customers – we have a flexible system to fit all the needs both performance and cost wise. Our system uses features from the Microsoft .NET Framework to make your application work fast, reliable and as secure as it is possible at all. Please visit our partner web-page for more details: DexFLOW page on Dexik.
  • C-Engine – High Performance Conversion Solution. If you are looking for the tool to convert millions of images from your old imaging system to the industry standard format? Look to further! We are the conversion experts. We do specialize on converting the large amounts of data and/or images. Our DTPS will help you to utilize every single “flop” from your computer’s network, eliminating the costly new hardware. Please visit our partner web-page for more details: DTPS page on Dexik.

Software development has been ITIS's traditional strength, contributes a large percentage of the company's business. Our offshore software development service provides a comprehensive infrastructure for project planning, requirements analysis & design, execution and testing.

Dexik Workflow Solution 3.0 is released. Improved management and licensed handling and better conversion capabilities. Check it out and you won't be disappointed.
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